In the era of visual content

seedtag has created In-Image Advertising

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In-Image Brands

In-Image Advertising allows to deliver messages associated to brand territories unreachables before, integrating advertising into the pictures, previously analyzed.
Do you want to see how we do it?

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We re-establish the good practices

Our In-image Advertising consider all the recommendations and good practices of the industry to give an important qualitative jump. Viewability is our banner.

Laptop seedtag example

90% of Viewability

If they are not seen, they are not useful. We give brands the value they are paying for, almost doubling the market ratios.

User Friendly

All our products disappear if the user doesn’t interact with them once they have been shown.

Integrated in the content

We take the Native Display into the next level, showing the right ads on the right images.

Top and premium platform

Our technology is already integrated into the biggest and well known publishers, in every sector.


We are a Technological company

The technology is the base of everything we are doing and it is what allows us to create a differential and sustainable long-term value to the publishers and advertisers who work with us. Detection algorithms, pictures classification and qualification on real time or ad-placement optimization systems for publishers are some examples of what we achieve.


"In god we trust, all others must bring data"

We analyze and process million events per minute that we turn into useful data to position, serve and optimize our campaigns. Million pictures are analyzed and contextualized thanks to methodologies of native language processing. Data guides all our decisions.

DPO: our technology for publishers

Neither Waterfall's classic systems, nor at least recent innovations towards Header Bidding suppose an ideal balance for the publishers between generation of income and user's experience. DPO is our technological response to find the wished balance.

Our offices

Nowadays, we have seven agencies in the world. Reach out to your closest office.


Calle Larra, 12


37, Avenue Trudaine


Via Aurelia Antica, 354

Ciudad de México

Sonora, 113


Calle París, 46


Via Copernico, 38