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Research · Building Consumers' Connections Through Contextual

Building Consumers’ Connections Through Contextual

At Seedtag, we partnered with audience insights, data, and analytics global leader, Nielsen, to analyze the “halo effect” on consumers immersed in relevant content of their choice, following the exposure to contextually-targeted ads directly related to the content that they are consuming.

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The Importance of Targeting

With the impending fundamental changes in the advertising industry, the need for innovative, intelligent, and impactful targeting is top of mind. 

Nielsen developed a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual targeting. The audience was divided into four different groups based on the different targeting strategies:

Research & Methodology

Research Process

Deep Dive Category Insights

Key Findings - Contextual vs. No Targeting vs. Interest vs. Demographic

The research demonstrates a greater acceptance toward ads when they are presented in a contextual way within relevant context by reaching the right audience at the right time, producing more positive feelings and emotions.


Boosted consumer interest in advertising found through contextual targeting by Seedtag & Nielsen research


Greater interest in consumers exposed to contextual targeting.

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