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Contextual Advertising 101: A power fusion of content and context

At Seedtag we created an insightful guide to explain what is contextual advertising, why it is at the top of mind in the industry, and how contextual targeting is becoming the best solution to a cookieless world.

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Breaking though the clutter: Why contextual advertising makes sense

Contextual ads help brands create engaging communications that resonate with the audience by integrating ads with relevant content that the users are already exposed to. They leverage the power of AI and ML to analyze the complete content and context of the environment. So…Why contextual advertising is having a comeback?


Of consumers agreed that intrusive ads gave them poor opinion about a brand


Of consumers skip ads on their mobile phones


Of increasing purchase intent with contextual ads

Download our guide to learn:

  • Why contextual advertising makes sense.
  • What marketers have to say.
  • Why contextual ads are the best solution in a cookie-free world.
  • How to plan your contextual targeting strategy.

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