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Research · Metrixlab

Efficiently reach users through visual media

For marketing, this is truly the era of digital content. How can this content be fully leveraged in today’s digitally led mobile world?

MetrixLab and Seedtag dive in to find out.

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This research and the results and implications presented in this paper are based on a study of over 1,000 consumers who evaluated both common display and In-Image advertising.

Results and insights

They are based on research conducted by MetrixLab – an independent market research and consultancy company specializing in ad effectiveness and consumer research – in conjunction with Seedtag.

All of the ad units were evaluated in-context on websites utilizing a variety of system 1and system 2 measurement techniques including passive viewing tracking, emotional response, eye-tracking and implicit response testing.

“Placing ads on images, the main element of content leads to consumers noticing the ads 3.4 seconds faster on average than common display formats. Viewers miss the beginning of an ad if they don’t notice it until 4+ seconds into the ad, so every second count.”


of information transmitted to the brain is visual


visuals are processed faster than text by the human brain

13 mili - seconds

is the time the human brain can process entire images the eye sees


When it comes to maintain attention, in-image ads are 4 to 6.7 time more effective.


Utilize In- Image Advertising and contextual targeting in order to:

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