New research: The Power of Contextual in the Attention Economy

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Integrate your brand into the most premium content related to the spookiest time of the year, gaining brand awareness and customer engagement, while leveraging all media noise and content trends.

Trends, data, and insights to boost your campaign leading up to October's big day!

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Halloween interest peaks

We have tracked and analysed consumers’ interests and trends to provide you with actionable insights that will help your brand seize all relevant content around the event.

2 weeks

is how in advance readers begin seeking Halloween content prior to the event ​​– plan ahead and make sure your strategy covers the entire period


top autumnal celebrations is Halloween, with the highest spent overall


of total spent during the Halloween season was on Food and Drinks, with sweets taking the cake as the most popular category

Trending Topics

Lists featuring the top themed movies & television series are by far the most visited posts on the entire network, accounting for 35% of total traffic.

Movies, Series & Games

Keywords: films, series, video games, horror, streaming, mini games, etc.

Recipes & Desserts

Keywords: ingredients, cooking steps, recipes, pumpkin, baking, decorating, etc.


Keywords: makeup, costumes, eyeshadow, wig, dress, etc.


Keywords: decoration, parties, tutorial, create, song, dance, etc.


Keywords: tradition, party, entertain, spirit, night, costume, design, etc.

Key topics:

Content listening: What was trending in 2020 within the Halloween content territory?

Movies (42%)

Ranks and suggestions with horror films to watch during Halloween.

Costumes & Events (29%)

Plans for holiday-themed parties and activities, outfits, and makeup for kids and adults.

Video Games (13%)

Special games, “easter eggs”, character skins, and mini games with this theme.

Series (13%)

Themed TV series available during these dates on streaming platforms and special episodes

Cooking (3%):

Recipes with decorations associated with this theme, mainly for children.

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