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Research · The Power of Contextual in the Attention Economy

The Power of Contextual in the Attention Economy

At Seedtag, we partnered with attention-measurement expert, Lumen, to get an in-depth analysis of our contextual solution's attention performance, evaluating both noticeability and viewing time, while benchmarking our format attention score against main digital channels.

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Why do brands need to worry about the attention that they are driving?

In an increasingly privacy-first world, brands are being pushed to figure out effective ways around new restrictions to bring meaningful content to users – that’s where contextual comes in.

Attention is extremely valuable, not only helping brands generate breakthroughs and engage with consumers, but it is also directly related to their sales figures. Simply put: more attention ultimately means more sales.

Research & Methodology

The research study involved:


UK respondents aged 18+


evenly sized cohort groups


key industries analyzed as part of the research (food, personal care, automotive, technology and telecom)

As participants were exposed to various ad formats, eye-tracking technology was utilized to calculate the actual attention levels driven by each ad. Finally, an in-depth questionnaire was issued to assess recall, attitude toward brands, recommendation, and intent to purchase.

Key Results - Seedtag vs. Other Channels

When comparing Seedtag’s performance on all metrics within Lumen attention’s funnel to main digital channels, our attention score outperformed all other digital channels:


Ads viewed compared to the low of IAB standard ads with 61%.


Attention of social media channels by contextual ads.


IAB standard ad's 837 attentive seconds per ‘000 impressions delivered (APM).


Average viewing time for each ad or impression delivered, as opposed to outstream video's 1.8s.

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