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Cookies Policy

01 · Introduction

This Policy applies to users of the Seedtag website located at the following URL:www.seedtag.com, including its mobile version (hereinafter referred to as the „Website„).

Additionally, this Policy provides information about cookies and other tracking technologies used in the context of the Website, mobile applications, and online services that we offer to you (the „Cookies“). The term „Online Services“ refers to all information and services provided to you in connection with your use of the Website.

02 · What are cookies?

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small storage and retrieval devices that are downloaded to the user’s computer / tablet / phone and store information about the use of a website or app. They allow storing and retrieving information about a user’s or their device’s browsing habits and based on the information, recognizing, identifying, and establishing user preferences. They are useful as they enable the Website and the Online Services offered through it to function more efficiently and adapt to user preferences, thereby improving displayed information and user interaction.

If the installation of cookies involves the processing of personal data, such processing will also be governed by our Web Privacy Policy.

03 · Types of cookies

3. Types of cookies

Based on the owner of the cookie, they can be classified as: 

  1. First Party Cookies: These are sent to the user’s computer or device from a computer or domain managed by the website’s publisher, providing the requested web page.
  2. Third-Party Cookies: These are sent to the user’s computer or device from a computer or domain not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes data obtained through cookies.

Based on the cookie’s duration, they can be classified as: 

  1. Session Cookies: These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page.
  2. Persistent Cookies: These cookies store data on the computer or device and can be accessed and processed for a defined period set by the cookie’s controller, ranging from a few minutes to several years.

Based on the cookie’s purpose, they can be classified as: 

  1. Technical Cookies: These allow users to navigate a web page, platform, or application and use the various options or services available, such as controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, remembering the items that make up an order, etc.
  1. Personalization Cookies: These allow remembering information to provide the user with the service with certain characteristics that differentiate their experience from that of other users, such as language, the number of search results displayed, the appearance or content of the service based on the type of browser used or the region from which the service is accessed, etc.
  2. Analytical Cookies: These allow the controller to track and analyse user behaviour on linked websites, including quantifying the impacts of advertisements. Information collected through these cookies is used to measure website, application, or platform activity, aiming to introduce improvements based on user service usage analysis.
  3. Behavioral Advertising Cookies: This store user behaviour information obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, enabling the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it.

04 · What types of cookies do we use and why we use them?

4. What types of cookies does this website use?

Cookie TypeCookieDescriptionOwnerDuration
Technical__hs_cookie_cat_prefUsed to store user consent regarding cookie policy, essential for basic website functionalityThird-party: Hubspot6 months
Analytical_gaUsed to collect information about user activity on a website and track behaviour over timeThird-party: Google Analytics2 years since last update
_gatUsed to limit request speed to the server on high-traffic websites, controlling the rate of requests to Google Analytics serverThird-party: Google Analytics10 months
_hjSessionUser_*Used to track user activity and behaviour during a website session, storing information on user interactionsThird-party: Hubspot12 months
__hstcUsed to track visitors, including first and last visits, and session numbersThird-party: Hubspot13 months
PersonalizationhubspotutkUsed to track identity and interactions on the website, recording user visits and activities to offer personalized content and improve communicationThird-party: Hubspot13 months

05 · Who uses the information stored in cookies?

5. Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in cookies is used exclusively by us, except for those identified as „Third-party Cookies,“ which are used and managed by external entities to provide services requested by us. If applicable, refer to the details of specific third-party cookies for more information about the data processing conducted by those third parties through those cookies.

06 · International Data Transfers

6. International Data Transfers

Some of the external entities mentioned above (if any) may be located in countries outside the European Union, and therefore, your data may be transferred to them. You can learn about transfers to third countries, if any, made by the third parties identified in this Cookie Policy in their respective privacy policies (see the links provided in the „What Cookies Do We Use and Why Do We Use Them?“ section)

07. Exercising your options regarding cookie installation/removal.

7. Exercising your options regarding cookie installation/removal.

You have the right to choose whether to accept cookies or not. However, cookies are an essential part of how our Online Services work, so please note that choosing to reject or delete cookies may affect the availability and functionality of the Online Services.

If you do not want the Online Services to use cookies, please follow the instructions provided in both the table above and also below:

  1. Manage your cookies through the corresponding selection box available in the Privacy Settings Panel of Seedtag’s Website, available here.
  2. Manage your cookies either through your web browser or smartphone settings or through third-party controls.

You can decide whether to accept cookies through your own web browser or smartphone settings. Your web browser or smartphone offers you the option to delete all cookies, including all of our cookies. Please note that disabling cookies from your browser may result in your access to some or all of the functionalities of our Online Services being prevented, and we assume no responsibility in this regard.

Instructions on how to configure your web browser are generally available through the „Help“ menu of the browser itself. 

You can allow, block, or delete cookies installed on your own device by changing your browser’s settings. For additional information on blocking cookies, you can access the following sections and links for the most popular browsers:

Please note that your choice to reject cookies is specific to each browser you are using. Therefore, if you choose to exclude cookies on one device and want your choice to apply similarly to another device, you need to activate the same option for that other device.

As an additional step, regarding third-party cookies for the purpose of providing you with interest-based advertising, please note that certain third parties may be members of one of the following self-regulatory programs for online behavioral advertising, with corresponding opt-out options:

If you do not wish your personal data to be used to enable third parties to display advertising to you or personalize the ads shown to you, you can adjust your settings using tools provided by those third parties (e.g. Google, Facebook), or through one of the aforementioned online behavioral advertising self-regulation programs, provided that the third party is a member.

Most mobile devices allow you to exercise control over tracking for advertising purposes using the „Limit Ad Tracking“ option (you can find more specific information for iOS devices here) or the „Opt-Out of Personalized Ads“ option (you can find more specific information for Android devices here).

For more information about cookies, including the option to view cookies installed on your device and how to manage and delete them, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our use of cookies, please contact us through: gdpr@seedtag.com