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Case Study · KIA

Contextual advertising proves higher performance vs. cookie-based advertising


Our Key Results



View rate of contextual ads vs. 64% for cookie-based ads


Increase in brand awareness for contextual ads versus 18% for cookie-based ads


Higher digital ad recall was achieved with contextual ads compared to cookie-based ads

"To measure the success of the campaign, we looked at attention value and brand impact. For comparison, we divided the campaign impressions equally between the cookie-based target group and the contextual target group." Jeroen Wirz, Country Manager Benelux at Seedtag


Kia, a leading South Korean car manufacturer, boasts a rich history as the country’s oldest automaker. With its headquarters situated in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Kia is renowned for its impressive production capabilities, standing as the second largest car factory in South Korea, just behind Hyundai Motors Company.


Kia aimed to promote their new electric ‘Niro EV’ model in the Netherlands while positioning themselves as leaders in the EV sector. Through a joint research project with Havas and Kia, we analyzed attention and uplift to demonstrate the potential of contextual advertising as a viable alternative to cookie-based targeting strategies. Attention partner Lumen was employed by Seedtag to measure the attention value of each targeting technique.


One of the critical factors for achieving success was recognizing the potential of audiences and content that may not have seemed immediately relevant to the brief. By creatively aligning them with the brand’s values and message, we were able to deliver a powerful and cohesive campaign. To assess the campaign’s effectiveness, we measured attention value and brand impact, ensuring that we had a clear understanding of how the campaign resonated with our target audience. To facilitate this analysis, we divided the campaign impressions equally between the cookie-based target group and the contextual target group, allowing for a meaningful comparison and evaluation of our efforts.

The Solution

Contextual Branded Video

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