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Case Study · LG

LG uses Contextual Advertising to spread its campaign dynamically and creatively

Home & Garden Technology & Computing

Our Key Results






"We saw an increase in user engagement with the campaign and product from the creative's contextualisation strategy. In addition to the good results, we also got several insights for the development of new media strategies." Cintia Mavros, Media Manager, LG Brazil

Meet LG

Global technology giant LG has created a special line of air conditioners for modern homes. Efficient and economical, Dual Inverter appliances are suitable for those who are looking for maximum cooling for their home environments.

The challenge

LG had the challenge to promote its air conditioning line in a scenario (BR) where we often have a very large temperature variation and talk to their public in a contextualized way.

Our solution

Relying on Seedtag’s Contextual I.A, we discover the most relevant territories and topics for the campaign’s target audience. In addition, we matched dynamic creatives that had their message altered as the temperature variation. This strategy allowed us to position LG in a fully contextualized way and achieve excellent results.

Contextual Territories:

  • Home
  • Technology
  • Family

The Solution

Contextual Engagement Display

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