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Case Study · Morellato

Morellato leverages Contextual A.I. with In-Content placements to increase attention to its new “Love for Nature” collection

Beauty & Fashion

Our Key Results



More effective at maintaining attention than common display ads*


Increase in “Care for the Environment” Message Recall


Unaided Brand Awareness for the “Love for Nature” collection

"Trust and collaboration were the keys to this project. Morellato entrusted us with the challenge of growing the newly born jewellery brand Oui&Me and Seedtag contributed to the realisation of a targeted and precise strategy." Digital Angels.

The challenge

With the launch of its new Collection, the brand was looking for a partner that would allow it to increase its awareness and consideration by conveying the main values of the product: design, environment, nature. All of which would increase the purchase intent of its core target audience.

Our solution

Using Contextual Intelligence capabilities and an attention-grabbing solution such as Contextual Impact Display we delivered Morellato’s ad on premium content that not only captured the user’s attention and increased the association with the “Care for the Environment” campaign message but also covered content related to Mother’s Day when the line was launched.

Contextual territories:

  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Style & Fashion
  • Mother’s Day

The Solution

Contextual Impact Display

Case Study · Mitsubishi

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