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Case Study · Pedigree

Pedigree relied on contextual strategy to maximize awareness and consideration for its dog oral care product


Our Key Results



Uplift on CTR vs Seedtag benchmark


Uplift in “You brush, they chomp” message association


Uplift on brand favorablity

“The main metrics were reached, overcomed and with a rentability above the expected. The contextual strategy guided us to understand the better dynamic between creatives and territories that we have more affinity and that present bigger interest by the product.” Highlighted Vinicius Nicolau, Media Supervisor responsible for the campaign at Ogilvy

Meet Pedigree

Pedigree is widely known for being a brand that offers products with high food quality highlighting its concerns about pets and their owners. The Pedigree Dentastix product line is for dogs’ oral health care that reinforces the main Pedigree values: Quality, Innovation, and Trust.

The challenge

Positioning the brand on the more relevant content territories allows for highlighting the main attributes and values of Dentastix: Quality, Innovation, and Trust increasing its favorability in front of the audience and reinforcing the importance of pet oral health as it is important to humans.

Our solution

We’ve extracted the contexts from the Content Universe built exclusively for Pedigree Dentastix campaign through the LAB that allowed us to build a contextual strategy cookieless.

The LAB counted on A.I. and Machine Learning to identify the main content and context to better translate the Pedigree values and boosted the purchase intent and favorability of the product in front of the audience using our solution.

From this contextual strategy, was possible to optimize the campaign, find the territories with better performance to the campaign, expand them and reach more people with the same profile of interest, besides the possibility of redesigning some paths in the campaign that could have a better scale on the results.

Contextual Territories:

  • Oral Health
  • Healthy Habits
  • Technology
  • Innovation & Trends,
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Home and Garden
  • Arts & Entertainment

The Solution

Contextual Branded Video

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