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Research · Black Friday

Black Friday Contextual Insights Q4-21

Integrate your brand into the most premium content, gaining brand awareness and customer engagement, while leveraging all media noise and content trends.

Plan your 2021 Black Friday campaigns with our data driven insights.

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A few facts to get you started

In 2020, we had the most digital Black Friday of all time...


Of Black Friday purchases in 2020 were online delivery.


Were online click & collect.


Were in-store.


Increase in online interest in Black Friday from 2019 to 2020.expected spend in online shopping during Black Friday 2020 (£1.74B offline).


Expected spend in online shopping during Black Friday 2020 (£1.74B offline).

*Source: Statista report 2020

Key topics by traffic in 2021

Video games & Screens (26.1%)

Products taking full advantage of new graphics technologies, mainly consoles and televisions.

Home, Fitness & Beauty (22.6%)

Household appliances & decorations, fit watches and products, makeup and clothing.

Audio devices (15.1%)

Earbuds, headphones, speakers & assistants, highlighting audio quality and portability.

Info & Offers (13.4%)

Discounts on non-tech items and compilations of deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Smartphones & Cameras (12.7%)

Best products and their specifications, for professionals and amateurs.

Laptops & Tablets (10.1%)

Lightweight, comfortable, handy and powerful devices for work, study, or play.

Black Friday Key Trends

Understanding consumer’s interest and attention peaks

Using our Contextual A.I. we have tracked and analysed consumers’ interests around this event.

This deep understanding allows us to guide you along the best possible way to fully utilise Black Friday content published across the most premium sites.

Attracting reader’s gaze

The use of images is very common among digital publications, and in the case of Black Friday it is even more so, as it is useful to show through images the different products that are being talked about.

Home, Fitness & Beauty

Use multiple images in their articles, so it’s more probable that readers stop in some of them (79% of visits stop in, at least, one of them).

Laptops & Tablets

55% on average per image.

Smartphones & Cameras

47% on average per image.

Videogames & Screens

46% on average per image.

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