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Research · A few facts to get you started

Black Friday Contextual Insights Q4-23

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A few facts to get you started

Black Friday is a well-known shopping event that typically falls on the day following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which is the fourth Thursday of November. This day marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

Retailers offer significant discounts & promotions to attract shoppers both in physical stores & online.

Covering everything from beauty & fashion content to insights on the latest tech devices, our Contextual Insights offer a complete view of the most relevant online interests related to Black Friday.


of the ‘’beauty’’ articles mention at least one of the top 10 brands


of the articles are focused on tracking celebrity trends, 32% are focused on discounts, & 38% are a mix between celebrities & discounts


times more than average, ‘’laptops’’ are the standout product during Black Friday

*Source: Seedtag Analysis, Black Friday Q4-23 Contextual Insights.

Key Interests & Contextual Universe


Although ‘’makeup’’ is still the most widely visited topic, articles focus on the ‘’health side of beauty’’, blurring even more the limits between beauty & personal care. Skincare & hair care seem to have more relevancy than makeup, with ‘’perfume’’ being the most popular kind of product.


‘’Celebrities’’ are key, with 30% of the articles focused on them, driving 42% of the total fashion visits. ‘’Footwear’’ is especially powerful during Black Friday. In total, 36% of the Black Friday fashion articles highlight it, while in general fashion content, the percentage is just 13%.


During Black Friday, ‘’smart home interconnected devices’’ are benefited in interests, with ‘’TVs’’ being searched together with ‘’assistants’’, but also with ‘’appliances’’. But the product that is more uplifted during Black Friday is ‘’laptops’’, showing up 6 times more than average.


This industry’s relationship with ‘’tech’’ is very strong during Black Friday. ‘’Appliances’’ show up 7 times more than in general ‘’home’’ content. IOT is fundamental. With ‘’smart’’ being a key mentioned feature in 1 every 3 articles, Black Friday is the moment when users search for discounted smart appliances to make their product experience better.

*Source: Seedtag Analysis, Black Friday Q4-23 Contextual Insights

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