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Research · Understanding Consumers’ Perceptions Of Online Advertising

Understanding Consumers’ Perceptions Of Online Advertising

At Seedtag, we partnered with international data analysis and market research firm YouGov to get an in-depth analysis into consumers' privacy concerns and attitudes towards advertising across Europe.

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Seeing Data Privacy as an Opportunity

Modern consumers are increasingly aware of how their personal data is used for advertising purposes, and are taking precautions of where & how their data is shared.

In an ideal world, cookies are intended to improve the consumer experience. The problem with cookies has always been their lack of privacy, and advertisers will have to modernise their techniques to fit in with this new reality

Objectives & Methodology

The research study involved

The data collected from the survey was then compiled and analysed by Seedtag’s expert research team. The results were weighted by age within both gender and region to ensure they are aligned with the actual proportions of the real-life population.

  • 3000 adults across 6 countries (500 in each country) in May 2022.
  • The respondents were taken from YouGov’s database of survey participants in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
  • The survey was developed in-house by Seedtag, with YouGov providing data collection services.

Let’s breakdown the key findings

1. Data privacy benefits both consumers & brands


Feel positive about brands ending their use of personal data for targeting


Over half of respondents reject cookies on certain websites


Deny cookies on all sites they visit


Provide false information when filling out cookie consent form

2. Consumers don’t mind being served advertising in exchange for free content

The research demonstrates a greater acceptance toward ads when they are presented in a contextual way within relevant context by reaching the right audience at the right time, producing more positive feelings and emotions.


Of participants chose hybrid or ad supported methods for consuming journalistic content, instead of paying for a subscription or articles

Were Consumers More Likely to Support a Hybrid or Ad Funded Model?










The Netherlands



3. Relevant ads attract attention when placed in the right context


Of users responded that ads embedded within high quality content were more likely to grab their attention

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